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I WILL GRADUATE Youth Development Program

"I believe God has a special place in heaven for those who invest in children."

The I WILL GRADUATE Youth Development Program has served students, parents and educators, in over 300 schools and community programs in New York City.  We inspire our youth to take responsibility for bettering themselves hence the mantra, “I WILL GRADUATE.” We connect our youth and families to resources and opportunities designed to assist in overcoming challenges and achieving success.  We empower youth, families and the community by sharing knowledge and information that provide the tools needed to set and achieve goals.  We help young people believe in themselves and their incredible potential.


Entertainers 4 Education Alliance

"Smart is the New Cool."

When I founded the Entertainers 4 Education Alliance, I wanted tackle a pressing issue within my community.    Entertainers 4 Education Alliance is a  drop-out prevention initiative and call to action for students, parents, and the entire community to increase educational achievement in youth. Our goal is to provide powerful messages to youth about the importance of academic excellence.  We accomplish this through youth development, parent engagement, community outreach, college assistance, exciting events, and public service announcements.  We give students the motivation and support to both graduate and excel in school and beyond.    We enlist the talents, resources of the music and entertainment industry along with prominent high-profile individuals to stress the importance and coolness of being educated.