Who am I? Why am I here? How do my unique gifts and talents fit into the world? 


More than money, talent, or fame; the qualities the most successful people in the world possess are based on asking and then answering these questions. For the women who are navigating many task and roles, these are questions they seldom stop to consider. BE YOU, NOT HER grew out of years os self-assessment for author Tõnya Lewis-Taylor, who credits success as a entrepreneur, mother, and performer with same type self-inquiry she suggests to her readers. 


A liberating journey of self-discovery is folded within each page, with personal reflections and inspirational affirmations showing your own special gifts flourish when you can BE YOU, NOT HER. Taylor's book is an uplifting reminder to stay driven towards your destiny without comparison and remain empowered during the quest. The mission starts on page one...

Be You Not Her

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